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Mophie Smartphones Wireless Charging Pad

Smartphones Wireless Charging Pad

Smartphones Wireless Charging Pad mophie is one of the leading brands in power. It is a designer and manufacturer that empowers the mobile world to Stay Powerful. However, it is widely acclaimed for innovative mobile solutions. Mophie is the proud developer of the original juice pack. The Mophie products are recognized for style and engineered for performance. Thus it provides seamless integration of hardware, software, and design.

The advantage of wireless charging is that it’s quicker and easier as you don’t have to plug and unplug each time. So place your device on top of your wireless charging pads. It also looks neater. Also, there are various competing standards for wireless charging.

Smartphones Wireless Charging Pad Features

The most popular is mophie and it has been supported by all of the major companies. Even more, Apple has included wireless charging on their iPhones since the 8, and Samsung has done that for years. They’ve also made a wide range of Samsung wireless chargers. Also, it works with all phones with mophie wireless charging built-in. More recently, OnePlus, Motorola and Huawei have included wireless charging in their handsets.

  • Compatible devices are Smartphones, iPhones, Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, and Qi-enabled devices.
  • All new iPhones are compatible.
  • The input voltage is 120 Volts.
  • The color is black.
  • The package type is standard Packaging.
  • It is engineered to safely deliver up to 15W of power.
  • The premium Ultrasuede finish looks sleek on any tabletop.
  • Compatible with virtually any Qi-enabled device.
  • The compact mophie dual wireless charging pad.
  • It conveniently recharges your compatible Apple iPhones and Wireless Charging Case for AirPods.
  • Just place your iPhone or AirPods on the pad and a steady.
  • An efficient charge of up to 7.5W begins on contact.
  • With the pad’s two fast charge spots and extra USB-A port.
  • You can simultaneously charge your iPhone, and AirPods, and connect your Apple Watch cable.

Compact and Convenient Smartphones Wireless Charging Pad

  • The compact design fits easily on a crowded tabletop.
  • Charges on contact, simply place your device on the pad, and charging begins immediately.
  • Power when you need it in the perfect size.
  • The wireless charging pad recharges compatible smartphones.
  • Wireless accessories quickly and efficiently.
  • This is lightweight and can be charged through cases up to 3mm thick.

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