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CS20 Computer Speakers, 2.0 Channel PC Desktop Speaker

$ 6.29

PC Desktop Speaker With Enhanced Stereo Bass

PC Desktop Speakers are directly connected to the USB port of the PC.

  • No need for drivers or software, powered by a USB cable.
  • Avoid the trouble of charging. Enjoy a hassle-free audio experience.

Plug & Play PC Desktop Portable Speakers

  • One-knob design for easy control.
  • Volume control using a simple knob on the front of the speakers.
  • No more complicated operations, use the knob to control all.

Durable & High-Quality Desktop Speakers

  • Made of superior quality material.
  • The desktop speakers provide an enjoyable high-quality audio performance.
  • Computer speakers not only absorb shrill noise. compared to normal plastic speakers.
  • Also, have a beautiful look to decorate your desktop.
  • Equipped with an advanced sound drive unit with a full range 2.0 channel stereo core.
  • You can use it on the computer or smartphone, in your bedroom or kitchen room, etc.

Stereo and Noiseless Computer Speakers

  • This desktop speaker uses upgraded 5W technology and adds 2 bass diaphragms.
  • It fills the strong sound of super bass.
  • By using anti-magnetic technology to suppress static.
  • Other noises, make the sound more vivid.
  • Bring a fantastic dynamic audio experience.
  • NPET speakers provide you with an enjoyable stereo experience.
  • When you enjoy indoor movies, videos, music, and games.

Compact & Mini PC Desktop Speaker

  • An additional, headphone jack is available for headphone or earphone connection.
  • This jack saves you trouble connecting the computer jack.
  • Provides private gaming or video moment.
  • The low-profile integrated speaker design saves more room under the computer screen.
  • Free up desk space, reduce cable clutter and make your desktop tidier.
  • Compact size suitable to be carried around

Compatible with Multiple Devices

  • Our computer speaker comes with a 3.5mm audio interface.
  • This is compatible with all computers.
  • Great for any multi-media listening experience, music, games, or voice.
  • Let you connect unimpeded in the office or home environment.

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